Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Then we take Berlin

אני לא נוהגת לשים כאן תמונות פרטיות שלי (אלא אם מדובר על רכישות מעניינות), אבל אני חייבת לחלוק כמה תמונות מהטיול הראשון שלי (וככל הנראה לא האחרון) לברלין. מי שהיה לא צריך שאני אמליץ לו, ומי שלא היה רק צריך המלצה לנסוע. איזו עיר מצוינת. 

I don't normally post photos of myself (unless they're of interesting purchases) as this is not that kind of style blog, but I can't resist sharing a few images from my first (and hopefully not last) trip to Berlin. Those of you who have visited this awesome city don't need my recommendation, and those who haven't been there yet only need to know that they should go as soon as they can. 

Strolling along the Ku'Damm
sweater - H&M, Boots - Marco, scarf - Anicha

We were really lucky with the weather... sunny and pleasant

Near Tiergarten
Scarf - H&M

I love renting bikes & cycling wherever I can, and Berlin is perfect for it.
Coat - New York
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Marco

Yumm... the famed Augustiner restaurant

.It was Record Store Day, and I came upon this at a record stand in a flea market.
...This is a platinum single of David Bowie's "Drive-In-Saturday", and it costs "only" 120 Euros. Sigh

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