Thursday, November 24, 2011

TLV Fashion Week Impressions - Part I

I decided to do this post in English, since I've A. been wanting to add English text to all my previous posts and have been too lazy to do it, and B. because it's much easier to comment about an event that aspired to have an international feel to it (and has managed to somewhat achieve it).

I have to be honest about two things: one, I'm not crazy about Israeli fashion designers. I think most of them are way overrated and have nothing original to offer. Two, I usually find the streetstyle outside international Fashion Weeks to be way more interesting than the actual shows (which is why I'm addicted to Vanessa Jackman's blog). So I took my camera (which I barely know how to use) and shot what I thought were interesting moments outside the Tel Aviv Fashion Week. 

Somehow I also managed to score a front row (!!) ticket to the Shenkar show, which was really exciting. I can't say there were any clothes in the show I was blown away by, but the experience was awesome (not to mention I found myself sitting next to super-talented & super-hilarious Karin Arad!! Hey!). I didn't take any pictures inside the show but if you're interested, xnet has much better photos than I would have taken anyway. 

The next posts will be dedicated to my impressions and favorite moments from outside FW. Enjoy!

!Love the gold scarf

floral chic

mustard & purple

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